An introduction to your subconscious backpack

The subconscious mind plays a very important role in your life and understanding more about it can help solve some of your problems.  To simplify things, I like to describe the subconscious as a backpack..  When you are born, certain beliefs are stuffed into your backpack.  Everyone has a backpack that is specific to them and their race, gender, ancestors, country of origin, family’s religion, and their soul’s experiences, all go in this backpack.  Throughout their lives, everything they interact with is filtered through their backpack.

I’ll give you a simple example.  When I was working in a bank in North Carolina, one of the tellers went into the break room for lunch.  She took out this fruit that I didn’t recognize and started to peel it.  I asked her what it was and she told me it was a mango.  She was from Brazil and she had always peeled and eaten mangoes the same way that Americans peel and eat apples.  I had always walked by mangoes in the grocery store and I’d never eaten one.  My friend’s subconscious backpack had mangoes as a familiar fruit that one eats on a regular basis.  My subconscious had mangoes as a foreign fruit that wasn’t part of my life.  I tried her mango and now, 20 years later, I have a mango tree in my yard and my kids and I regularly enjoy mangoes.  The point of my example is that something that is familiar and usual to one person can be very foreign to another.  The subconscious deals with deeply held beliefs that are much more complicated than familiarity with mangoes, but everything that you come into contact with is filtered through these beliefs.  The way people react to new situations is because of their subconscious beliefs.

If one person’s backpack sees something as foreign and a threat, it will have them react very differently than the person with the backpack that identifies the situation as familiar.  Some people have subconscious minds that see almost everything as a threat; these people walk around with a constant low level of anxiety. Basically, until you become aware of it, most people walk around all day behaving in ways that line up with their subconscious beliefs; beliefs they don’t even know exist and may not even agree with.

There are many ways to make your subconscious beliefs conscious, and the first one is realizing what an important role your subconscious plays in your life.  There are many tools that help you empty your subconscious backpack so that it doesn’t create your feelings and reactions in life.  When you notice a pattern in your life, you are getting a glimpse of a subconscious belief.  Now that your eyes are a little more open, maybe your want to take a look inside your backpack and see if there are a few things that have been weighing you down that you don’t want to carry around anymore.

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