Address Your Stress – Coaching Sessions

Life these days is fast-paced.  Peak performance is expected all the time.  Stress is a part of everyday life.  It can feel oh so good to get a little guidance on that issue that’s been weighing on your mind.  We feel passionate about so many things in life, which is great, but that passion can make it so we can’t see the situation clearly.  Having an outsider’s point of view can shed some light on the situation, and help you see your options.  These sessions are typically brief; 25-minutes to talk it out, and see new solutions that you might not have thought of.

Coaching complements mindfulness yoga classes and workshops because once you start going within, all those things that have been bothering you can become even more obvious.  No worries, we can talk it out and help you feel better, in an amount of time that will fit into your schedule.  There is no need to keep worrying about the same issues, or continue to repeat the same unhealthy patterns.  Choose to address your stress and see that life can feel better.

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