Address Your Stress Workshops

I’m sure you’ve heard how important mindfulness is, but have you had any luck with it? It can seem like an esoteric practice that is just a waste of time. If this has been your experience, or if you desire a mindfulness practice and find that it just isn’t happening – this workshop is for you. In this intimate setting, we will discuss how mindfulness can be a part of a busy life, and how it can make a difference. Many people acknowledge how stressed they are, but they don’t know how to make changes in their lives to reduce their stress. They also don’t have healthy coping strategies for stress, so their lives are spent being overwhelmed by their schedules, responsibilities and emotions.

Many people think that if they could just solve their problems, that things would get easier. The real solution is looking at your perspective and why you get seeing the same problems over and over again. The next step is learning to shift that perspective. Learning is the key word here, unlearning old habits takes time, but have no fear, because it is possible.

In this interactive workshop, Danielle will take your questions and your complaints and help you see why things are the way they are. She will show you that you can learn how to train your mind and body to work for you through ancient Kundalini Yoga techniques that can be incorporated into your day. You will leave relaxed, and hopeful that it is possible to feel better in your daily life and now you have the roadmap to do so. Workshops, classes, and coaching come together to form a comprehensive program, and can also stand alone.

Online workshops coming soon!

Contact Danielle to find out where local workshops are being held.