Kids’ Address Your Stress Classes

Does your child ever get overwhelmed by their emotions? In this age of technology, children are bombarded with information, yet very little time is spent learning emotional intelligence. Very little instruction is given on how to check in with your body and your emotions and see what’s going on with you. By the time children grow up, they haven’t been exposed to healthy coping strategies for stress, so they just wing it. In this interactive class, Danielle will teach children about feeling their emotions. They will learn how to go within and check in with themselves, and they will learn strategies to deal with what they think and feel. Learning mindfulness at a young age equips them with healthy ways to feel in control of their mind and body and not become overwhelmed by stress. In this intimate setting, children will learn about the relationship between stress and their mind, body and soul, and how they can help themselves feel better. Ages 6 and up; each child will receive instruction on specific techniques to work on.

Classes are taught in 8 week sessions. Online classes are taught through Outschool. Contact Danielle to find out where local classes are being taught. 

Coaching addresses specific issues which we explore, and heal, to remove obstacles that are causing you problems. In-person coaching can be scheduled before or after weekly classes, other times available by phone.  Coaching and classes complement each other and help children see progress faster.